About me

Marie-Eglantine Pirson,professionnal makeup artist

I'm a freelance makeup arist living in Brussels / Belgium.

I first graduated from the Institute of Arts of Diffusion (Louvain-la-Neuve) where I learned film and image editing, on set work and web design & development. It’s also where I discovered makeup artist as a profession and found a way to incorporate all my passions into one career.

I then went to the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles to follow the "Master Makeup" program at Cinema Makeup School. There, I had the chance to learn from some of the best, like Shannon Shea, Tom Hester, Rod Maxwell, Greg McDougall, John Goodwin, Kaity Licina, Tara Lang, Gayla Basehart, Nelly Recchia, Wendy Ann Rosen...

Main projects Makeup

After L.A, I’ve worked on several projects including:

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My skills

My skills include both the «on set» work and the preparation (lifecasting, creation of prosthetics and wounds).

I also do face and body painting (kids makeup, events, bellypainting,...).

I speak French and English. I’m starting to learn Dutch.

Contact me for any inquiries or questions about my work.